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CE Marked Structural Steel Fabrication

CE Marking structural steel fabrication and installationMidland Erection planned to achieve compliance with CE marking requirements well ahead of the 1st July 2014 mandatory deadline.

It was important for us to demonstrate the compliance of our fabrication work both to meet the standards and, just as importantly, to highlight the breadth and depth of our capability.

In fact we have been accredited to Execution Class 3. This means that, in addition to structures such as multi-storey residential, commercial and public buildings, Midland Erection is approved to provide structural steel fabrication in higher risk groups such as stadiums and concert halls.

The adjustments to our Factory Production Control (FPC) system and Welding Quality Management System (WQMS) required some changes to working practices to ensure that a consistent audit trail was produced. The company has benefited from the recruitment of dedicated inspection personnel in winning and delivering new business. We can engage effectively with our clients’ quality teams in the tendering process and minimising rework reduces our time on site.

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Midland Erection – Structural steel fabrication for the Retail Sector

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