Roofing and Cladding Contractors


Midland Erection Roofing and Cladding is a specialist contractor with many years of experience on new build projects across the country.

We work with many of the biggest main contractors in the Midlands using our experience to offer advice to clients when required.  Midland Erection has the capability to install many of the cladding and roofing systems that are required by the modern-day architect.

As a company we pride ourselves on keeping all accounts up to date. This means that we get the best dates and materials from valued suppliers.  Midland Erection also offers a combined structural steelwork and cladding package, drawing on the expertise of our in-house fabrication and installation department.

Our combined package is a popular client choice because we can pick up design flaws before it’s too late.  The issue of typing up loose ends between steel and cladding is eliminated.


To request a free quotation to meet your cladding or roofing requirements call 01384 424227 or use our enquiry form today.


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